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The oceans form the blue lung of our planet to which the Mediterranean is contributing precious. Vital, at the heart of the climate issues, they are home to an immense variety of ecosystems, form the backbone of most of the planet’s biodiversity, produce half of the oxygen we breath, regulate the earth’s temperature by absorbing CO2. Protecting them and restoring them is a duty, an obligation.

In the Principality of Monaco, under the initiative of H.S.H Prince Albert II, environmental protection, as well as topics related to sustainable development are the top priorities of the State policy, nationally and internationally. Governmental actions demonstrate the awareness of biodiversity, resources management, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and a determined policy towards a sustainable city.

By pursuing this quest and objectives, the Société des Ports’ Board of Direcotrs has been committed since 2006 to follow the path towards a sustainable port management. The collaboration with the Prince’s Government, various partners, as well as diversified actions coupled with the efforts in terms of environmental protection of each employee, have brought some significant results: since 2011 the Ports of Monaco have obtained the European certification of “Clean Ports”, then in 2020 “Clean Ports actifs in Biodiversity” certification.

Aware of the importance of the perpetual preservation of the natural heritage, of marine and terrestrial biodiversity, our company is setting up, in consultation with the Prince’s Governement and in collaboration with the ECOCEAN Company, a program for the enhancement, ecological restoration and reconquest of the environment. With 50 BIOHUTS installed, the Ports of Monacowere the first ports in the Mediterranean to look into the restauration of nursery functions and in 2014 committed to the NAPPEX Project. NAPPEX (Artificial Nurseries for Exemplary Ports) is an appellation that identifies exemplary ports committed to sustain biodiversity within their water by implementing habits adapted to fish larvae and many other marine species.

In 2019 following on from this ecological reconquest, and for the purpose of experimentation, five riprap reefs were placed in Fontvieille Port along the inner breakwater. This system could be expanded on a wider scale on the Principality coastline. Provided by ECOncrete, these reefs are made of “bio-enhancing” concrete, a concrete which enables marine ecosystems to develop. Imitating natural hollow rocks, these units enables the growth of marine life which cannot be found on smooth rocks. This nutritious environment shelters and feeds small crustaeans and young fish. Thus, over time, a new ecosystem is created, demonstrating the relevance of this ecological restoration. In addition, these riprap reefs play another, equally important role: breaking the waves during major storms.

Biohut Kelp
© Biotope L.Berenger
Récifs d’enrochements favorisant la biodiversité dans le port de Fontvieille
© Direction de la communication M.Alesi

“The sea begins here”: this sentence, which can be found on posters in the Principality and around Port Hercule, must be on everyone’s mind. Our rose is to sustainably limit any negative impact of port activities on the environment. To do this, we are developing the necessary measures to prevent and eliminate all forms of pollution and all voluntary or accidental discharges at our port sites.

  • Many fixed points for pumping wastewater are being installed along the quay
  • We are multiplying the facilities dedicated to the collection of all waste as well as awareness-raising actions for port users
  • The implementation of two DPOL (two harmless cealning robots for juvenile fish) donated by Princesse Charlène and Prince Albert II of Monaco foundations
  • A full commitment to “keep the water blue”: anti-pollution equipments, internal processes, collaborative actions with the Minister of Maritime Affairs, the Yacht Club of Monaco and our partner ECOTANK
  • The installation by the Prince’s Gouvernlent of a macro-and micro-waste retention net in the Port of Fontvieille, the first in the Principality, which akes it possible to trap all solid pollutants coming from the urban sanitation network before they reach the maritime environment.
DPOL, robot dépolluant

The Ports of Monaco, located in the heart of the city, will continue their efforts to protect the environment while aiming to remain a think tank through innovative procedures and means. The sea is precious, let’s preserve it.

Photo : © Direction de l’Environnement